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Software Development – Agile based approach

"Iterative development in a collaborative environment for building robust, secure, flexible and scalable applications"

Software Development – Agile based approach

IWM's Enterprise Development practice applies Agile principles for Enterprise Web Development, Mobile Application Development & Custom Software Development.

Our Approach towards Application Development

IWM Enterprise Development practice consists of skilled resources having deep technical expertise and sound business domain knowledge. Our unique approach to custom enterprise application development includes–

Project Kickoff

Our expert development teams are introduced to client requirements early in the process when the Business Analysis team and UI/UX teams start providing inputs during their respective analysis stage. A more formal project initiation starts with a project kickoff meeting where all stakeholders including developers, project leads, project managers, QA Leads, Software architects etc are given a complete understanding of the requirement by Lead Business Analyst. The client is an integral part of the Kickoff meeting and their inputs are vital for setting the tone right for development team to take over

Environment Setup

A thorough technical evaluation of the requirements is initiated by the development team. Project Manager/Project Lead is tasked with studying client side environment and replicating it within IWM’s internal development environment. A mirrored environment helps with rapid and fool proof deployment of builds.

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

The project development team breaks down the entire scope sprint wise with each sprint consisting of certain number of tasks. Each task and hence each sprint is estimated accurately to ensure complete transparency for the client and to set client expectations accordingly. The aim of dividing tasks into manageable sprints is to help show progress to clients from time to time. Hence at the end of each sprint a Demo of work done thus far is showcased. A measurable and tangible output helps clients monitor the progress of project. Any delays are sounded well in advance and appropriate corrective measures deployed accordingly.

Agile Development

Applying Agile methodologies we deploy skilled & expert developers to develop applications as defined in the WBS. We also make use of Continuous Integration techniques to ensure faster development and smoother deployment. Our expert developers use proven practices such as Coding standards, Unit testing, peer programming to ensure that code is bug free, robust and scalable. For each project we allocate a well balanced team of developers and Project Manager/Lead to have optimal cost-performance ratio.

Communication Protocol

For each project we have a defined protocol for Daily/Weekly/Monthly Communication. Dedicated account managers interact daily while Project Managers/Leads interact on a weekly basis.

Change Management

Implementing Change Requests (CRs) can be tedious however with our well defined change management structure, CRs are implemented either (a) during the sprint cycles OR (b) accommodated at the end.

State of the art Infrastructure

From the right technology & tools to providing secure, internally hosted environments, IWM’s IT infrastructure is designed to provide the best environment for developers to do coding seamlessly.

Software Best Practices

IWM Enterprise Application Development practice is built on the foundation of Best Software Practices & Processes prevalent in the industry.

Our teams are well equipped with code repositories, use version control, libraries while working on projects.