Business Intelligence

Aligning business processes

with business goals

Customer Centricity & Operation Efficiency- basic pillars for
a successful organization

"Implementing BI solutions that empower Businesses with data insights and real time information for decision making"

Adopting Business Intelligence

Before implementing a BI solution it is imperative that a BI adoption strategy be in place first

Need for Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is being implemented by most organization to meet the growing challenge of responding to customer needs faster and to be able to manage operational efficiency over different business processes. These processes need to be aligned with business goals and should be able to meet customer requirements or respond to customer feedback in real time. Similarly the vast business processes need to have shorter cycle time, reduce operational costs and achieve economies of scale.

BI Implementation Drivers

To resolve an organization’s BI needs it is important to first determine what business drivers are leading to the requirement. In other words, it is important to understand why an organization wants a BI solution, which processes do they plan to have as part of the BI solution and the intended timeline for implementing the BI Solution.

BI Consulting & Practice

Providing intelligent information for improved decision-making

IWM BI Practice consists of expert BI Consultants, Data Warehouse Architects, ETL Consultants and DBAs to help businesses define & deploy Business Intelligence solutions. When initiating a new BI platform adoption initiative, our emphasis remains to identify the business drivers and the metrics that will determine success. To maximize the chance for success, we tailor a BI project to begin small and then grow.

Step by Step approach

Our BI Consultants will work closely with you to define your business needs and provide relevant solutions, all the while outlining metrics that can be measured before & after BI Implementation.

Define Vision

Our expert BI consultants will work with you to understand your exact requirements and define a strategy around these requirements.

Define Business Outcome

We will outline a roadmap with a complete timeline to achieve goals that are measurable.

Architecture & Technology Evaluation

We will assess & prepare the architecture based on the requirements as well as evaluate & select the right technology tools for successful implementation.

Center of Excellence/Governance

For effective management of implementation, training and management of BI solutions we establish a Center of Excellence/Governance.

Business Information Translation Service (BITS)
This is a low cost, industrialized approach to BI transformation which delivers better, faster, more reliable, relevant information & insight to business users through relational and efficient data mapping. The objective of BITS is to help you deliver on your Information Strategy to gain real ROI.
To ensure a BI adoption return on investment we use our BIDS platform delivery engagement service. BIS allows clients to scale-up Business Information Management (BIM) development. BIDS also allows clients to accelerate development (at lower cost) and scale rapidly to meet business needs.
IWM can help design & build a data warehouse that provides a robust and efficient platform for management reporting, performance reporting and analytic services. Typical data warehousing strategy includes Reporting, Performance Management, Data Analytics and Data Mining.
With increasing trends of businesses & processes getting ‘Digital’, BI too is shifting towards a mobile centric data analysis. Decision making is now translating to mobile dashboards which are used in real time in the field of Big Data analysis to improve efficiency.