Envisioning the unknown

Business Analysis using Discovery Driven Planning

"Capturing essential business requirements to design the perfect solution without the risk of failure during implementation"

Business Analysis using Discovery Driven Planning

IWM’s Business Analysis practice is centered around the principles of Discovery Driven Planning.

Our Methodical approach to Business Analysis

Vision & Ideas usually start great however it is essential that the end result is equally great and not ordinary. Planning & Analysis thus becomes a critical stage to capture the essence of the vision/idea. At IWM our Business Analysts work closely with clients to discover the true meaning of their visions or ideas. The Analysis process based on a Discovery Driven Planning approach consists of –


Framing the Business Vision

Our experts Business Analysts start with basic interviews to capture client’s vision, business goals, key requirements and the intended timeframe.

Research & Competitive Analysis

The business analysis team extensively researches on Client’s business domain, their market position, market competitors, and market trends. The research also covers client’s business requirement, mapping requirements with technologies, tools & relevant platforms.

Discovery through Requirements Gathering & Documentation

The most critical step in the whole approach, requirements analysis entails gathering all information related to the client’s requirement. All key business features as well as functional features are documented including critical requirements and desired features. Our Analysts act as the critical bridge between our technical teams and the clients to ensure that both business as well as technical requirements are captured clearly.

Mockups & Wireframes

Our business analysts will work closely with the in house design team to put enough emphasis on visual representation of the requirements. Our experience says that functional requirements are best understood by clients if they are showcased in a visual format. We share wireframes & mockups from early on to help our clients understand exactly how their project would be developed.

Assessing Risks & Listing Assumptions

Business requirements for a new venture are by definition an unknown, unchartered territory hence implicit assumptions are bound to be commonplace. While most traditional companies tend to overlook this factor, IWM’s Business Analysis team lays special emphasis on listing down each assumption and identifying associated risks. Our business analysts take special measures to ensure that each assumption is thoroughly discussed with business side (clients) and technical side (project team), associated risks carefully identified and finally documenting both the assumption & the risk.

Release & Validation

The business analysis team releases the Business Requirements Document (BRD) for review by clients. Our analysts would conduct a session to carefully explain the BRD and help client review the fine print thoroughly. Upon approval by client, BRD is released to all stakeholders such as Project Managers, Developers, QA teams etc. Once released to all stakeholders the Business Analysis is concluded by conducting a Project Kickoff Meeting involving all stakeholders (including client).

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