Internship Program

In general, there are 3 main things to look in interns:

Be open to learning. We had a summer intern who behaved like he knew everything. But, whenever I gave him a task he fell short and never realized what he didn’t know. There is nothing worse for an intern to act like s/he knows a lot and nothing much to learn from us.

Have the patience to solve big stuff. In my experience, most of the interns give up too quickly. They didn’t have the patience to slog through a problem for a few days. That means we could never give them hard problems to solve and had to give them questions for which I already had the answers.

Can work independently. At a startup, we don’t have time to manage everyone and expect people to keep themselves busy with tasks related to the big picture.

If you can prove that you have these 3 characteristics and have the skills & temperament to solve interesting problems in AI, then apply when we open up the summer internships.