Diversified & Simplified

Our Pricing Models

"Providing diverse & simple options to help you achieve business goals affordably"

Our Pricing Models

While it is one of our primary goal to make you understand the technology roadmap of the solution defined for your project, we also lay equal emphasis on delivering the maximum within your budgets. The different pricing models that you can choose from are -

T&M or

Time & Material

The 2 week cycle – See a demo after every 2 weeks and pay an invoice thereafter!

Pay as you go Model

A majority of our projects are T&M since it is the 'Agile' equivalent of Development. Most Application Development projects reach to us at an early stage where we have to define the requirements and then define the roadmap before execution.

A T&M model allows you great level of flexibility such as – Keeping the scope flexible and allowing for Changes to be implemented on the fly, Scaling up or down of resources as & when the need arises etc.

Key Features

Enabling a flexible paying option linked to performance

  1. No upfront advances
    Your first invoice is generated after the first 2-week development cycle!

  2. Invoice cycle follows the Delivery cycle
    We believe in letting our work speak for itself. Every invoice generated is preceded by a progress demo shown to you.

Fixed Price or

Lump Sum Quote

A pricing mechanism for clear scope and defined set of requirements!

Periodic Deliverables at agreed timelines

Mostly suited for short term projects, we suggest you choose this model if you have a clear scope and a defined set of requirements. In such scenarios where there is no deviation from the agreed scope and the requirements are not evolving but fixed in nature, we recommend using this model to achieve best results. Under this model everything from budgets to deadline to scope is fixed before start.

Key Features

Working within a pre-determined budget

  1. Applicable Advance Charges
    Minimum 15% billing as Advance Payment

  2. 2-tier Billing Structure
    The invoice structure is simply split in two – First invoice after during the Half mark and Final Invoice after completion.

Sprint Milestone or

Outcome Based

A mix of Fixed Pricing and Variable component proportional to agreed business outcomes!

Sharing Gains for Agreed Results

True to our commitment towards delivering innovation and outperforming all along, this model helps you to collaborate with us in surpassing your own expectations. A standard ‘Fixed Price’ formula is applied for the defined scope while value adds and out of the box creation is rewarded with variable pay if desired business outcome is achieved.

Key Features

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  1. Standard Pricing Structure
    Same as Fixed Price i.e. Advance Deposits applicable however 2-tier structure can be replaced by Milestone based pricing

  2. Variable Pricing Ratio
    We will define a set of value adds or innovative ideas that can be implemented over & above the defined scope. If these value adds or ideas meet the desired business outcome you pay us a variable component (pre-decided & mutually agreed upon)

Dedicated Development Center or

Offshore Development Center

Setting up an experienced, mature and expert team that is as per your need and dedicated towards handling your entire IT needs

Custom Built & Made to order

IWM is fairly experienced at setting up and hosting dedicated development centers that act as virtual IT teams for our clients. If you require a fairly large IT team setup without the hassle of searching, recruiting and maintaining resources or the additional burden of managing demand with supply, you can opt for our Offshore Dedicated Development Model. We will setup your virtual, offshore IT team within our state of the art premises and run it for you!

Key Features

Extending your capabilities without escalating the costs

  1. One Time Setup Fee
    We charge a Setup fee at the beginning to ensure for a smooth transitioning of your virtual IT team.

  2. Advance Monthly Billing
    Each Monthly invoice is raised at the beginning of each month.