Defining Strategy

Driving Change

Technology Transformation Consulting

"Technology transformation through broad industry knowledge, deep technical expertise,innovation and thought leadership"

Engaging with a Technology Consultant

IWM’s Technology Consulting practice is aimed at helping businesses define strategy to drive business transformation using the latest trends in technology. Our consulting practice enables businesses to apply our deep expertise for their business or technology requirements.

Technology Transformation


As technologies evolve and newer platforms take center stage, businesses need to adapt by weeding out that which is obsolete and embracing that which is new.

Managing the change

Most in-house IT teams of companies are inherently always under pressure for streamlining processes, reducing costs, optimizing performance and maintaining secure systems. However this is easier said than done, more often than not companies have obsolete systems in some form or the other. The challenge then is to assess the current state of all systems, define a strategy to harness emerging technology trend for building innovative solutions, all the while phasing out legacy systems.

At IWM, our Technology Transformation Consultants or Change Agents as we like to call them, are helping businesses identify top priorities, define a strategic roadmap that outlines cost efficient solutions designed to make internal IT systems be more effective, efficient and inexpensive.

Engagement Snapshot

Our expert Technology consultants work with clients to –

  1. Assess the current setup and environment
    A comprehensive review of the client’s existing IT setup including infrastructure, network systems, technology platforms and even assessment of implemented applications.
  2. Define business objectives
    Our Change Agents, though trained IT specialists, are equally comfortable with speaking the business language. This enables them to list objectives that are defined from a business perspective.
  3. Define strategies aligned to each business objective
    Defining business objective is just the beginning, our change agents would then define strategies on how to achieve each objective through embracing new technologies or improving on existing ones.
  4. Clear roadmap with Near term and Long term goals
    We understand that any strategy that doesn’t have a cost benefit in the near term or at least in the long term, is a futile effort. Our Change Agents will perform a thorough cost benefit analysis for each stated objective and the corresponding strategy
  5. Vision Document
    A holistic document that defines a company’s near term and long term goals, roadmap & timeline for each goal, risk mitigation for each goal, cost benefits of each goal.

Digital Transformation


An increasingly connected world is driving Digital age sooner than expected. Businesses are under pressure to innovate faster, compress decision making time, deliver personalized experience and interact with customers on multiple touch points.

Rising to the Challenge

In this Digital age the time has come for businesses to rethink their strategies, rewire their processes, rewrite the business rules and reinvent established practices to meet the challenge of Digital disruption. It is becoming increasingly crucial for businesses to tap into the immense power of Social, Mobile, Analytics & Cloud (SMAC) stack to define newer strategies and design innovative solutions.

At IWM our Digital Transformation Consultants or Disruptors, as we like to call them, are equipped with the experience & knowledge of working with some of the best technology platforms within the SMAC stack. It is our endeavor to help businesses carefully tread in the Digital realm and help them deploy strategies that enables them to respond faster, rapidly deliver and engage with customers.

Our Disruptors work closely with Business teams within the company to identify multiple customer interfaces, outline clear strategy for transforming each interface and define a roadmap for achieving the desired outcomes. Our focus is on empowering companies with emerging technology tools and innovative solutions.

Engagement Snapshot

Our Digital Consultants help businesses embark on a Digital Transformation journey by defining -

  1. Digital Strategy & Vision document
    A holistic document that outlines near term and long term vision, strategy for adapting Digital platforms to accelerate business growth.

  2. Multiple touch-points that provide new opportunities for growth
    A detailed analysis of various customer engaging interfaces, how they can be transformed using solutions with the SMAC stack.

  3. New business models around digital initiatives
    Digital is a whole different level than traditional business models. Our disruptors understand that no Digital Strategy would be complete without defining new business models that are aligned towards the digital strategy outlined.
  4. Clear roadmap with Near term and Long term goals
    We understand that any strategy that doesn’t have a cost benefit in the near term or at least in the long term, is a futile effort. Our Change Agents will perform a thorough cost benefit analysis for each stated objective and the corresponding strategy
  5. Technology roadmap with near term and long term goals
    Digital Transformation may be fairly new but we believe in our mantra that no change is worth if we can’t measure near term and long term impact in terms of costs.
  6. Implementation strategy and timelines
    Digital is fairly new with innovations happening daily, our disruptors will work out an implementation strategy with focus on timelines.

Core Capabilities &


Irrespective of which Engagement model is being used for your project, certain features are common across these models irrespective of the size of the project.

  1. IT Strategy Vision

    Comprehensive document outlining the client’s IT vision including near term and long term goals and supplemented by strategy towards achieving that vision.

  2. IT Infrastructure & Environment Audit

    Our consultants prefer a thorough assessment of existing IT systems including the Infrastructure and Environment in place at client side, to help our consultants define a fool proof strategy document.

  3. Software Architecture & Information Architecture

    Our consultants are also insistent on a comprehensive analysis of existing applications running at client side. The analysis is not limited to just an overview but an in-depth review at an architecture level.

  4. Business Process Reengineering

    Each strategy whether technology transformation or Digital transformation, will ensure that business processes are efficient, cut down on operational costs and fundamentally improve the overall experience.

  5. Strategy Implementation Roadmap

    The roadmap defined typically includes recommended technology platforms and tools, estimated budgets and timelines to achieve transformation in a phased manner.