Focusing on the

End user experience

An iterative approach applying analysis & synthesis for
creating a perfect and seamless user experience.

"Crafting the perfect user experience through innovative, responsive & intuitive designs"

Design Thinking – A unique approach

Based on Design Thinking Concepts, IWM’s User Experience practice delivers great designs in a step by step approach.

From Abstract requirements to Concrete Designs

IWM’s User Experience practice is aimed at helping businesses deliver a great user experience, vital to their growth and brand recognition.

Empathize (Design Analysis)

Our UI/UX Design consultants will conduct interviews to understand the client’s perspective on their requirements, assessment of the client needs and analysis of end user behavior. A considerable effort is also spent on market research, competitor analysis, target industry and trends in that industry. Also gaining different perspectives is equally important, it is one of the reasons why our Design consultants prefer to interview all of client side teams.

Define (Information Architecture)

Being the visual team, the fundamental approach of our design consultants is to show a visual representation of what they understand of the client requirements. The aim is to ensure that clients understand the structural design of their applications, the navigation flow and the design theme our consultants are going to follow. Needless to say that this process is collaborative and client inputs are taken at every stage.

Ideate, Wireframing & Prototyping

With Information Architecture finalized, our design consultants will ideate on multiple options based on client inputs and build rapid prototype to further help clients understand the final output. Prototyping helps clients ‘visually’ understand how their perception is coming live. Ideating on multiple options helps clients decide which solution is the best. Customer centricity is the key element and each of our prototypes are built accordingly.

Visual Design

Design Thinking creates an environment that allows clients to be as inventive as possible, it is an interactive & collaborative way of implementing new ideas with a focus on delivering great user experience. In the final stage, our UI/UX Consultants will start delivering graphic designs based on the final designs selected by clients. The integrated, collaborative effort ensures that client receive designs that are innovative, intuitive, responsive and deliver the best possible experience.

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