Our Values and Principles

IWM has spent some time analysing leaders and successful people in all walks of life, most share traits that define who they are and how they interact with world around them. We believe many of these successful characteristics also are exhibited in successful companies. The values below reflect our study of these traits and our value for their demonstration in our workplace and our aspiration to live up to these standards.

  1. We seek to understand and serve the needs of our clients.
  2. We think positively.
  3. We tell our customers truth.
  4. We are persistent and hard working.
  5. We encourage innovation and creativity.
  6. We value diversity in our company.
  7. We are honest , others can count on us and we take responsibility for our actions.
  8. Our decision are bases on detailed analysis.
  9. We are effective in the way we communicate with others.
  10. We are focused on the efficient use of time and money.
  11. We recognise our shares obligation to our customers, investors and colleagues.

Our Values and Integrity:

Always behave and act in a manner that promotes and cultivates trust, dependability, and reliability and endeavour to be honest no matter what’s at stake.

  1. Challenge and /or punish dishonest behaviour.
  2. Upholding good and transparent corporate governance.
  3. Upholding and operating within the laws of the India.
  4. Keeping and delivering on all our promises at all times.


To constantly strive to be of class at all times and continuously exceeding customer’s expectations.

  1. Continuously striving to be the best in our industry.
  2. Continuous empowerment of IWM Staff members.
  3. Prompt and efficient response to customer request and queries.


To create and sustain an environment that grooms and natures innovative individuals and solutions.

  1. Encourage the culture of challenging the status quo
  2. Seeking and applying the best practices
  3. Being at the forefront of a technology wave.

Customer satisfaction:

Strive to provide excellent service delivery for a highest customer satisfaction.

  1. Confidentiality of customer information.
  2. Listen and learn from customer for continuous improvements.
  3. Consistent , reliable and high quality service delivery.
  4. Keeping the customer informed at all the times.
  5. Easy access to IWM top management.
  6. Openness and honesty with customers.